Engineering Power

Our engineering power is propelling technology forward

Turbodynamics develops pro-active products based on the challenges our customers face.  We approach each project with tenacity until we are satisfied to have found the smartest solution to provide a lifetime of functional trouble-fee use with the most cost effective result.

Turbodynamics as integration partner:
With our comprehensive knowledge we are able to offer customized solutions that maintain flexibility to expand into future requirements.

Turbodynamics global experience allows us to determine the best fit solution and provide on-going support for our customers.

Our mission is to protect our customers productivity, valuable equipment and efficient test cell utilization.

Engineering Power

  • Dedicated designs or OEM integrations
  • System / Test Cell Interfacing Support
  • Problem analysis and countermeasures
  • Improving or Tuning existing interfaces
  • Customized design with industry best lead-time
  • Design & Manufacturing of mechanical parts and hardware
  • Installation, Training, Service