Adjustable Docking Plate

Adjustable Docking Plate (Standard)

The adjustable docking plate allows flexible docking level thru a central Z-axis adjustment of 45 mm with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

Types for vertical and horizontal handlers are available.


  • One type for  all testers from small to large
  • Compatible to all Turbodynamics tester pin arrays (S, M , L)
  • Short set up time, easy adaptation
  • Central and accurate Z-stack adjustment
  • Smart guiding concept
  • Robust design for engineering sites and high volume production

One plate can be mounted to various vertical handlers

Vertikal Handlers
Multitest MT99xx, MT9510, MT2168
Rasco SO1000, 2000
Horizontal Handlers
Seiko Epson

Digital Dial Knob
80mm diameter
or Servo Motor with
teaching function
Dimensions Length 1100 mm
Width 1000 mm
Height 15 mm
Weight 28kg
Z-stack adjustment 40 mm
(0.01 mm increments)
Accuracy 0.1 mm