X-Y Shift Docking

Ideal for production environments that require socket shifts.


  • Socket Pitches X-Y as defined
  • Z-Stack adjustable 0-45mm
  • For all major vertical handlers

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Possible Tester Adaptions:
Advantest  T2000; T5575; T5371; T6673
Credence Kalos; Duo; Quartet; D10; D40; 3650;
Sapphire S; Sapphire DPI; ASL-3000
Eagle ETS-200; ETS-300; ETS-364; ETS-600
LTX Fusion CX; Fusion LX; Fusion MX;
Fusion EX; Fusion Hf; Fusion Hfi
Nextest Magnum and Maverick series
Teradyne J750; Flex; MicroFlex; UltraFlex
Catalyst; Tiger
Verigy 93000 and 83000 series