XL Docking (Z-Adjustable)

Universal Docking Plate XL (Adjustable)

The universal docking plate XL is suitable for most testers, probers and handlers available on the market. The plate offers a central Z-axis adjustment of 45 mm with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.


  • One docking plate design suitable for testers listed below
  • Universal use for handlers, probers and testers
  • Short set up time, easy adaptation
  • Central and accurate Z-stack adjustment
  • Smart guiding concept
  • Robust design for engineering sites and high volume production

Advantest T2000; T5575; T5371; T6673
Credence Kalos; Duo; Quartet; D10; D40; 3650;
Sapphire S; Sapphire DPI; ASL-3000
Eagle ETS-200; ETS-300; ETS-364; ETS-600
LTX Fusion CX; Fusion LX; Fusion MX;
Fusion EX; Fusion Hf; Fusion Hfi
Nextest Magnum and Maverick series
Teradyne J750; Flex; MicroFlex; UltraFlex
Catalyst; Tiger
Verigy 93000 and 83000 series

Digital Dial Knob
80mm diameter
or Servo Motor with
teaching function
Dimensions Length 1100 mm
Width 1000 mm
Height 15 mm
Weight 28kg
Z-stack adjustment 40 mm
(0.01 mm increments)
Accuracy 0.1 mm