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Turbodynamics core technology is its patented pneumatic clamping module “P-Dock®“.
It provides the highest clamping force in the market with up to 1000 kgf (at 10bar).

The clamping principle of its ball and cap does not allow any inaccurate gap like other types such as cam/ramp systems.

Due to this unique principle the docking level never changes producing a constant repeatability.

Compared to common lever systems there is no remarkable maintenance or wear and tear – even after years of continuous use.All this together makes it the best ROI Docking in the market.


  • User Friendly
  • Highest Contact Forces
  • Repeatability < 10µm
  • Practically Maintenance Free
  • Reliable (Fast ROI thru high yield performance)

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We have almost every tester combination already completed.

Docking Samples

Available for all major testers:
Advantest, Credence, Eagle, LTXC, Nextest, Teradyne, Verigy