Turbodynamics unique docking modules use a patented clamping principle of ball and cap. This clamping technique eliminates any inaccuracy due to the gap and unreliable tolerances that can be found in other docking types such as cam/ramp systems.
No gap guarantees steady yield and highest repeatability.

The pneumatic cylinder will pull down a cage of balls that engage with the slot of the mating pin. Compressed air permanently secures and maintains the high clamping force at all times.

With its specialized materials and plating, even after years of continual use, the repeatability remains accurate and reliable.

Turbodynamics is using this proven and patented concept in all
Tester dockings worldwide.

Dimensions Diameter 112mm; Height 31,5mm
Weight Weight 0.65 kg per module
Required media compressed air
Docking force 200 – 2000 N per module

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