Experience the Future of Test Cell Automation at Semicon Europa

Turbodynamics is dedicated to automating and simplifying the world of semiconductor testing. We're thrilled to unveil our latest innovation at Semicon Europa 2023 in Munich.

Introducing the DIB Changer in combination with an AGV-driven Probe Card Trolley, a revolutionary system designed to simplify probe card handling for the easy and accessible exchange of load boards. This becomes increasingly crucial as modern probe cards continue to increase in weight. Think of it as a user-friendly drawer for your load boards, effortlessly sliding them in and out. When an AGV trolley docks to the handler, it smoothly retrieves the load board from the DIB Changer, ensuring the precise and secure exchange of components. Subsequently, the trolley can seamlessly transport the load board to our storage system, adding an extra layer of efficiency to the entire process. What sets this solution apart is the integration of our patented P-Docking technology into the DIB Changer, allowing for efficient and secure load board docking with high load carrying capability up to 50 kg and precision alignment. This fully automated solution streamlines load board handling eliminates the need for manual operator intervention.

Visit our booth at Semicon Europa in Munich to see this groundbreaking technology in action. Our singular goal is clear - automating and simplifying the test cell environment to ensure the easy and accessible exchange of load boards, with the added advantage of our patented P-Docking technology for precise and secure docking, all while eliminating manual operator intervention. We invite you to be a part of this transformative advancement at Semicon Europa 2023.

We look forward to your participation!

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