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Pogo Tower

The reliable link for Semiconductor Testing

Best Solutions for OEM and custom-made Equipment

A pogo tower is a signal block and the elementary link between tester and probe card. Our portfolio includes a wide range of innovative solutions for OEM test equipment as well as individual requirements.

The CENTAUR is used for bottom load card changers and wafer probers and is permanently attached to the prober.

Our PIB locker contains the entire interface unit and is used in combination with our PIB stiffener. A simple docking process with error prevention and high repeatability saves time and labor costs. The clamshell - solution for easy exchange of probe cards as top loader prevents wrong contacting of pins, using a special locking mechanism.

Usage with bottom loader probe card changers at prober systems and fix mounting position at the prober

Turbodynamics PIB Locker contains a entire probe interface unit. The integration of the TD clam shell into the TD docking plate is unique and simplifies the docking process tremendous. 

Turbodynamics clamshell simplifies the changing procedure of probe cards and ensures a safe process flow.

All variations of Pogo Tower types avialable.

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