Turbodynamics provide for all Handler and Prober Systems designed Docking Plates. This product is designed for universal usage of all existing common tester integrations. Especially the Turbodynamics P-Dock® and F-Dock family are the main integrations.

X/Y shift

The X / Y Shift Plate for Horizontal Handlers has fine adjustable locking positions with an accuracy of 0.01 mm. Because of the exchangeable module plate, this docking can be used for all common Docking Systems.

X/Y shift

The Universal Docking Plate UDXL X / Y Shift is based on our standard UDXL. It can move to certain stop positions in the X / Y level as quickly as possible.


Turbodynamics UDXL (Universal Docking Plate XL) with adjustable Z-Stack have proven themselves in the industry since 2005.


Turbodynamics Standard Docking Plates with adjustable Z-Stack are unique in their simplicity of use for different Z-Stack applications.


Turbodynamics Standard Docking Plates can be used for all ATE Testers with the P-Dock® System. 


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